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Growers Of Kiwifruit, Persimmons & Plums



With more than 100 varieties of plums grown, you will be sure to find your favorite in the yearly line-up at Venida Packing Co. Our team has been constantly searching for new varieties of plums and pluots to our program and seeing if they meet the taste standards of today’s customers.

We are one of the largest plum growers and packers in North America and will be able to handle all of your needs, ranging from one pallet orders to season-long programs. To meet what the customers are currently looking for, we offer multiple pack styles. These include volume fill, tray packs, clamshells, and club store packs.



Our company entered the kiwifruit business in 1980 and has been an industry staple ever since. California is a unique location for this product because the high heat allows for the good production of dry matter in the fruit.  This makes it a sweeter, more flavorful piece of fruit.

The kiwifruit season runs from October through April in California. With the good volumes of production, we are able to provide season long programs for our customers. The “Ruby River” label has become synonymous with the high-quality California kiwifruit. With the multitude of pack styles that we offer, we can cater to any customers’ needs. We provide tray packs, volume fill, bags, clamshells.


We have been growing Persimmons commercially for over 50 years.    Venida Packing has both the Hachiya and Fuyu varieties in good volumes for season long availability.  The Persimmon season runs from the Middle of September until the middle of December.    It's a great fall item to promote.  Popular pack styles are Single Layer, 25#VF, clam shells and bags.    

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